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Art Tutorials

How-To articles about techniques that apply to art marketing, digital painting, digital art, or art in general.

Study & Learn From Your Competition

Being a professional artist who sells their work means that you’re a small business. Yes, it’s a creative business, but a business nonetheless. If you want to be successful, standard business and marketing practices apply! The basics of marketing for any business is to…

How to Price Your Art

Pricing your art is almost as much of an art as creating it in the first place! Whether you’re a beginner, or a seasoned professional, knowing how to price your work can be difficult and confusing. This article is meant to remove the confusion, and guide you through the key considerations you can use to develop…

Sell Art to Corporate Clients

How to Sell Your Work to Corporate Clients

It can be difficult for an artist to sell their art into the world. There’s a lot of competition in the galleries and exhibitions, and you’re all competing for the same customers. One approach is to expand your marketing and promotional efforts from individual buyers to other markets. One such market is…