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of digital paintings by the artist Garr (Garry Musgrave)

Who is Garr?

Garr is a digital painter living in Mexico. His work spans several styles, genres, and themes.

He is a chronicler of both life and fantasy — every piece of his art has a story behind it.

His art has been bought by art collectors in several countries.

He regularly exhibits his art at exhibitions in Mexico and South America.

You can find out more about Garr on here: Garr's Biography.

What is Digital Painting?

You might be new to digital art, or you might not be familiar with the term “Digital Painting”.

Garr's art is created through the use of a computer, and simulates traditional acrylic or watercolour paintings —
including brush strokes and other traditional painting effects.

This process does not use AI (Artificial Intelligence) —
Garr believes strongly that “art” created by AI is NOT art.

To find out more about digital painting, look here: What is digital painting?.

Resources on This Site

You can see a portfolio of Garr's artwork here:
Portfolio of Garr's Art.

You can find news stories, opinions, tutorials
and more on Garr's blog — “Garr's Art Briefs” — here:
Garr's Art Blog.

You can buy Garr's art in our online art marketplace here:
Buy Garr's Art Online.

If you care about the environment,
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is better for our planet than an acrylic
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Garr will be happy to create a custom digital painting to suit your requirements.
Find out more about how this works here:
Commission a Digital Painting.

If you are an artist or writer, and need help to spur your creativity,
try this free tool:
Garr's Creative Prompt Generator.

Garr always wants to hear what you think
about his art, or to answer any questions
you have about digital painting,
custom artwork, etc.:
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