Custom Commission Work

Garr can create custom Digital Paintings for you

Garr (Garry Musgrave) can reproduce any of the existing images in his portfolio at smaller or larger sizes on request. The cost will depend on the requested size and the mounting method.

He will also happily accept commissions to create a custom digital painting for you from a subject or theme of your choosing, or from one of your favourite photographs. Garr will interpret these to create a unique piece of digital art for you.

If you're not familiar with digital painting, you can get more information here: All About Digital Painting.

The result can either be in the form of a digital painting that resembles a traditional acrylic painting reproduced on art canvas (stretched on a wooden frame, or rolled for easier shipping), or one that resembles a watercolour painting reproduced on high-quality watercolour paper. These reproductions are called giclées.

The price of your custom digital work will depend on: the complexity of the concept, the size of the finished piece, and the medium in which it will be reproduced. Although it will increase the cost of the piece, you are also guaranteed exclusivity — your painting will be a one-off, and will not be reproduced or sold as part of Garr's art catalogue.

Please contact Garr for a quotation: Get a Quote on Custom Work

Some examples...

Commissioned Digital Painting: Garza Azul / Blue Heron

This was Garr's interpretation of a photo submitted by a client. The customer loved the photo, but wanted a painting. Garr changed the background and foreground, eliminated a distracting branch, and then interpreted the Blue Heron and its prey in his unique digital painting style. The client was delighted!

Canvas mural of El Nocturno Lunar

Garr reproduced one of his digital paintings on canvas to form a mural installed on an exterior wall. The photo on the left shows this exterior canvas mural of his work titled, “El Nocturno Lunar.” This mural is 1.5mW x 1mH (about 60"W x 39"H).

The canvas has been treated with a special varnish that repels moisture and is UV resistant — the colours should stay vibrant for years.

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