A Selection of Digital Paintings by Garr

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About Garr's Art

Garr (Garry MUsgrave) creates art that consists of an eclectic mix of subjects —
from surrealism to Mexican life to nature to Mexican mythology to social commentary to...

The reason behind this is that whenever a concept or image comes into his mind,
or when he sees something inspiring in the physical world,
or when he feels passionate or disturbed about something...
Garr then feels the need to create another digital painting.

The paintings shown in the portfolio below are some examples of that process.

How to Use the Portfolio

Below you can see a grid featuring a collection of thumbnail images of Garr's art.

These are cropped thumbnails, at greatly reduced resolution —
the printed digital art pieces are made from much bigger, and much higher-resolution files.

• You can refine the selection of digital paintings shown in the portfolio by clicking on one of the category buttons.

• You can see a full image, plus details about the painting, by clicking on its image.

More Resources...

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The Portfolio

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