Who is Garr?

About Garr

Garr is a digital artist living in México.

His digital art works are designed to simulate traditional acrylic and watercolour works, and are printed on stretched art canvas or watercolour paper.

His art is created entirely on a computer, using multiple software tools, as well as specialised digital painting techniques developed exclusively by Garr.

The Chameleon & The Rose

Garr's Story

Garr has always been a storyteller. At a young age, Garr would often be asked by a group of neighbourhood children to, “Tell us a story...” He has embraced his creativity throughout his life.

Art Education

Let's get this out of the way at the start... Garr has no formal art education. All of his digital painting techniques and styles are self-developed. These were all created by him as responses to satisfy his urge to create.

Art & Design Experience

Garr started dabbling in oil paint in his late teens. He later turned his hand to collage. One of his works was aggressively sought after by a collector — Garr refused to sell (a decision he would later regret).

He has now embraced surrealism. Perhaps because of his unusual thought processes, and perhaps inspiration from his two favourite painters, Salvador Dali and Hieronymus Bosch (although not a surrealist, in Garr's opinion, his later work conveys a surrealist sensibility – well before its time). He has also been influenced by René Magritte, Max Ernst, Yves Tanguy, and another artist who called México home, Leonora Carrington.

Living in México has also inspired him to introduce elements of Mexican mythology, as well as scenes of Mexican living (non-surrealist), into his portfolio of digital art.

Garr has also been involved with photography for a large part of his life, and, for the last decade, Garr has done extensive graphic design and website design. Garr has a deep interest in creating and producing music as well.

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