Garr's Online Art Store

You can buy Garr's digital paintings online
as canvas prints in various sizes

Why Buy a Canvas Print?

Digital paintings by Garr (Garry Musgrave) are created using
a computer, and have no physical form until they are printed
onto a medium such as art canvas (called a giclée).

There are no “originals” — prints are the only way the work exists.
The artist can produce one unique print, or a limited edition
(5, 10, 15 or more prints), or an unlimited number.
The fewer prints available for sale, the higher the cost.
This is similar to silk-screening, photographs, block prints,
lithography, and other art print mediums.

This is a very different concept from, and has higher value than,
a print of an artwork that was originally made in a medium such as oil or acrylic.

About the Online Art Store

If you like Garr's paintings, you can easily and affordably have one for your home.

You can order canvas prints stretched on a wooden frame,
or an unmounted, rolled up canvas that you can have framed by your local framing shop
(this reduces your shipping cost).

Shipping Information

Using the online store below, you can order paintings from almost anywhere.

The shipping costs are very reasonable because these prints
can be shipped from warehouses in Canada, the U.S., the U.K., the E.U., and Australia.

If you are ordering from Mexico, shipping is less expensive if you order a print directly from Garr.
To do this, instead of ordering through the online store, send us a message using our Contact Form

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