Garr's Random Sentence Generator

Some surrealist artists wrote stream-of-consciousness sentences (they called it “automatic writing”). This sometimes lead them to surprising creative breakthroughs. Writers such as William S. Burroughs used similar techniques to develop their work.

Garr has written this program to generate a random, dream-like imagist sentence you can use as inspiration for the creation of art. Each sentence also has a title. Garr uses this tool to generate ideas for his surrealist digital paintings.

INSTRUCTIONS: These sentences are not meant to make sense, but to trigger mental images that can inspire creativity. Not all sentences work... you get a new one each time you click/tap the “Generate” button.

HINTS: Sometimes, the title is more inspiring than the sentence itself! Often, only a part of the sentence gets your creative juices flowing. All or part of a sentence might trigger a thought process that leads you in another direction altogether.

Your generated sentence will appear here...

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