Hábitat Urbano en Camino / Urban Habitat in Change

Digital Painting: Hábitat Urbano en Camino / Urban Habitat in Change

About the Painting

Garr created this painting for Earth Day 2022. It is one of a pair of paintings (the other is Hábitat Natural en Camino / Natural Habitat in Change).

While painting “Natural Habitat in Change by Humans”, I was horrified by the images on the news about the war in Ukraine. In my opinion, this is a humanitarian crisis on a scale not seen since World War II.

Because of this, it occurred to me that humans are not only damaging/changing the natural environment, but the urban habitat as well. This is only one recent and extreme example...

The left side of this painting depicts the beauty of the grand city of Mariupol as it was before the invasion, morphing into the image on the right showing Mariupol afterwards — a bombed-out carcass of what it once was.

A lone child, lost and clutching a Teddy Bear helps emphasise the human impact.

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The Specs...

Digital art resembling an acrylic painting, reproduced on gallery-wrapped canvas — Size (W x H): 75cm x 46cm (30in x 18in).

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