Hábitat Natural en Camino / Natural Habitat in Change

Digital Painting: Hábitat Natural en Camino / Natural Habitat in Change

About the Painting

Garr created this painting for Earth Day 2022. It is one of a pair of paintings (the other is Metamorfosis de Mariupol / Mariupol Metamorphosis).

Garr is very concerned about human impact on the environment, as well as global climate change (also human induced!). This is one of several reasons why he chooses to work in the digital painting medium — to find out why this is better for the environment than traditional painting techniques please read this article.

This painting is intended to send a clear message about the impact of changes to the natural habitat caused by human activities. Although there is debate about when it actually started, we currently live in the Anthropocene epoch — characterised by significant human impact on Earth's ecosystems (and geology). According to the WWF, one in every five animals that that exist on Earth today are facing extinction! Think about that...

The left side of the painting depicts a lush, tropical jungle teeming with plant and animal life, morphing into the right-side image of the devastation caused by jungle clear-cutting.

You can own this piece of art!

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The Specs...

Digital art resembling an acrylic painting, reproduced on gallery-wrapped canvas — Size (W x H): 75cm x 46cm (30in x 18in).

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