Néctar de Amarilis / Amaryllis Nectar

Digital Painting: Néctar de Amarilis / Amaryllis Nectar

About the Painting

Being in awe of the natural world, Garr has always had an appreciation for the incredible beauty and colour to be found in nature. In Garr's view, there is nowhere where this manifests itself more than in flowers and birds.

Garr's concept for this painting was to celebrate both of these attributes — incredibly, he had to look no further for inspiration than in his own garden.

Garr's intent was to capture the stunning beauty of his favourite flower: the Amaryllis. His garden has several specimens of Amaryllis, and he eagerly looks forward to their striking red blooms coming out each year for a period of a few weeks around Easter.

Similarly, Garr's favourite bird is the chuparrosa (hummingbird). These amazing aerial acrobats are especially attracted to red flowers, and, for them, the amaryllis simply cannot be resisted.

As a combination, the two together are truly a spectacle of nature that just had to be memorialised in a digital painting.

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The Specs...

Digital art resembling an acrylic painting, reproduced on gallery-wrapped canvas — Size (W x H): 60cm x 38cm (24in x 15in).

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