El Rey Gallo / The Rooster King

Digital Painting: El Rey Gallo / The Rooster King

About the Painting

One of the first things you will notice, is that chickens and roosters can be found everywhere in Mexico. You can see them freely roaming the side streets. You can see them bobbing, pecking, and meandering their way through gardens. Each dawn, their klaxon call pierces the night air to announce the coming of the day.

It is equally true that every Mexican farm has some chickens — and at least one gallo (rooster).

It is the very nature of roosters that they are imbued with an enormous sense of self-importance, along with a massive ego.

In this digital painting we see Garr's imagining of how this magnificent specimen regards himself — as well as those lesser creatures around him!

Truly el rey gallo... the Rooster King.

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The Specs...

Digital art resembling an acrylic painting, reproduced on gallery-wrapped canvas — Size (W x H): 60cm x 38cm (24in x 15in).

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