Noche de Muertos / Night of the Dead

Noche de Muertos / Night of the Dead

The Specs...

Digital art resembling an acrylic painting, reproduced on gallery-wrapped canvas — Size (W x H): 45cm x 28cm (18in x 11in).

About the Work

Garr created a digital painting as an impressionistic interpretation of the Night of the Dead ceremony in the cemetery on the small island of Pacanda in Lake Pátzcuaro in the state of Michoacán. This is a spiritual centre for the P’urhépecha people.

In Garr's opinion, this is much more intimate setting for this event than the more commercialised ceremonies on the main island of Janitzio.

This was a dreamlike and highly atmospheric night that made a lasting impression on Garr.

This painting is for sale here: ASA Online Art Store

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